The benefits of the Cloud,
the performance of NAS.

Our Swiss Cloud NAS solution is THE file storage platform in Switzerland for businesses.
Based on LucidLink technology, you get all the benefits of cloud storage while maintaining the performance of local, NAS-like storage, all hosted 100% in Switzerland!


Fast, easy and efficient data access, on site or remotely via streaming

No VPN connection required

On-site server not required


Collaborate on CAD/CAM models, directly from the cloud, at the same time

Easily share 3D files with remote teams or give access to external companies


Work on large files without downloading thanks to powerful workloads

Access your backup data easily and securely at any time

AutoCAD, Revit and Solidworks compatible

Transform the cloud into local storage.


faster thanks to stream data


industry awards in 2019 and 2020

100 %

secure thanks to “Zero-Knowledge” – only you have access to your data

    Test the solution for free

    Try out the Swiss Cloud NAS storage solutions for 15 days for free! Your personal 1To storage space will be ready in less than 1 hour!