Our Team

In addition to their know-how and numerous certifications, our experts also form a multicultural team with more than 10 different cultural influences. This diversity feeds our corporate culture and allows our team to find the balance between professionalism and joie de vivre. Let’s be honest, we all prefer to work with people who are not only competent but also happy, right?

What is the secret of this pleasant “edificomian” atmosphere? We asked the people who are primarily concerned – our employees.

André Account Manager
I am delighted to be part of this great team since 2021! I really like the friendly atmosphere and it motivates me to put all my efforts in supporting our customers. Edificom in emojis? I would say ✌️ 💪 🥳 .
Audrey Backoffice and Sales Operations Assistant
Starting at Edificom in 2022, I am very happy to have joined this motivating company. It’s always a pleasure to work with my colleagues. We are working together with professionalism, involvement and in a great atmosphere. ☀️😀👌
Carsten Network & Security Director, Co-Founder
There is nothing better than watching your child growing up and developing its own character and strength. As a cofounder of Edificom, I am extremely proud and amazed of our Team, how far we came already, and where we are heading. Way to go! 🙏 💯 🤩
Cédric Support Engineer
Very happy to be part of this motivated team, united around a philosophy of non-stop learning. This desire to improve and do well can only benefit everyone. Ready to go!! 😀🧠🤝
Charlotte Digital Marketing & Communication Project Manager
Very happy to work with this great team since 2019! A great atmosphere and smiles are always present, while never forgetting to be thorough and responsive. I would recommend working with Edificom, whether in-house or as a client. 👌 ☀️ 🥇
Christelle Office Manager
We are a very good team with our differences which makes our exchanges even more interesting. You can always count on the help and knowledge of others and it’s nice to work in a company that cares about customer satisfaction. 👍 💪
Elena Accountant
I like the quote “success is the accumulation of small efforts day after day” and I am delighted to be able to contribute to the success of Edificom with this great team. 💫 👏 ⚡️
Fabrice Strategic Partnerships Director, Co-Founder
As an entrepreneur, what thrills me the most is the creation of jobs and the development of projects for our clients. If Edificom was born from the collaboration of 2 people, its success is the fruit of all the work of the whole team. 🙏 👏 💫
Joël Senior Engineer & ServiceDesk Supervisor
I’m very happy to finally be part of a human-sized company. Everyone gives their all with the same motivation and always with a smile! Edificom in emojis? 😄 👍 🖥
Manou Senior Support Engineer
The friendly and supportive atmosphere motivates me daily. It is with pleasure that I interact with our customers or work on infrastructures and share my questions with our team: 🔥 😁 👍
Simon System & Cloud Director, Partner
Having watched Edificom grow from 3 people in 2009, to where we are now has been just amazing. Each new team member has brought something new and helped us continue to innovate and improve, internally and for our customers. I’m looking forward to the next steps along the journey and watching our team and offerings continue to grow. Edificom in emojis? (ideas, innovation, teamwork) 💡 🚀 🙌
Thomas Network & Security Senior Engineer
What do I like about Edificom? The great cultural and linguistic diversity of the team in a benevolent atmosphere. This allows us to compare our approaches, to take up more and more challenges and to bring solutions that are truly adapted to our clients. 💻 🍻 🧙
Tony Systems & Cloud Senior Engineer
Having worked for Edificom SA for almost 10 years, I can honestly say it is more of an extended family than a job. Being a highly competent and diverse team means that we are always ready for the next challenge and that each day is different from the last. Edificom in emojis: 🥰 🏠 ✌️
Vincent Senior Support Engineer
I’m very happy to have joined a company that offers great training and a great atmosphere! It’s always a pleasure to be able to bring satisfaction to customers by overcoming new challenges! 🚴‍♂️💻🏆
Vitson Implementation & Support Engineer
It was with great enthusiasm that I joined Edificom in 2022. The welcome, the working atmosphere and the projects inspire me on a daily basis. I’m very happy to be part of such a competent and friendly team 😃👊💻
Yann Senior WiFi Engineer
I love what I do and I love our team. We have always interesting projects and challenges and it’s a pleasure to work with innovative technologies and such a motivated team. 💯 😁 🤝
Yannis DevOps Engineer
Joining this great pioneering team makes me feel fulfilled, the atmosphere is welcoming, enthusiastic and challenging. We have the opportunity to offer innovative technologies and it is a pleasure to develop solutions that exceed expectations. 🤝 🎉 🐕