The company’s cable and wireless networks are central elements of the communication infrastructure within your company. Network has a direct influence on the efficiency of the work done by your employees, as well as on their daily lives. Carrying all of the company’s data, it continues to evolve in complexity and requires a good understanding of your information flows to be installed efficiently.

Our expertise

1. Corporate network LAN and WLAN

Network architecture, Managed network, Access management and authentication (NAC, 2FA), Visitor Wi-Fi access, Branch office interconnections, Internet connection optimization & carrier management, SD-WAN

2. High performance Wi-Fi & public Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi planning, Wi-Fi audit, Managed Wi-Fi network, Public Wi-Fi solution (statistics, marketing, geolocation)

3. Datacenter Network

Manage your network like you manage your virtual servers, in DevOps mode

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