VIGISWISS: A global safe haven for data

Edifice Communications SA is proud to be one of the founder partners of VIGISWISS, the certified network of Swiss data storage and protection companies:

VIGISWISS was formed to store and protect the confidential data of governments, organizations, companies and individuals the world over and to protect related systems (e.g. data processing, analysis, communications and transmission).

The VIGISWISS label is a guarantee of the excellence of the services delivered by its members and their partners: Data centers, hosts, integrators and associated service providers. Under the VIGISWISS charter, certified members agree to provide a defined level of security, not to host illegal data (e.g. data related to terrorism, child pornography, etc.) and to be regularly audited by an independent body.

Our membership of VIGISWISS highlights the importance we place on our clients data and security, and our commitment to work with like-minded companies in order to best serve the needs of our clients in a changing digital landscape.

For more information, please contact us or VIGISWISS direct.