Visit us at the Swiss Cyber Security Days 2020

EDIFICOM @ Swiss Cyber Security Days 2020 - 12 & 13 February 2020, Forum Fribourg
Leading Expertise in Cyber Security

In partnership with Blackberry Cylance, EDIFICOM will be present at the Swiss Cyber Security Days which will take place in on 12 & 13 February 2020 in Forum Fribourg.

We will be honoured to welcome you on our booth n°005 with Blackberry Cylance.

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Conference – 13th February 2020 at 14:30 – Stage 1

Not all AI is created equal!

Endpoint protection is anyway always the same and artificial intelligence (AI) degenerated to the fashionable term. Is it? In this lecture you will learn what a considerable difference AI makes to the detection of attacks, how to distinguish marketing from real technology and how simple it is to build malware for everyone.

Speaker: Kevin Börner, Sales Engineer Associate Principal at Blackberry Cylance

The Swiss Cyber Security Days (SCSD) bring together the best Swiss expertise in the field of cybersecurity. Present at Forum Fribourg on 12 and 13 February 2020, the SCSDs pass on extensive know-how between technology and the public through current and future innovative solutions aimed at protecting critical infrastructures and ensuring effective cooperation between the private and public sectors. This two-day event with a forum and an exhibition brings together stakeholders and consultants from the worlds of business, politics and research to exchange knowledge and experience. It is open to everyone who is looking for concrete solutions in the field of cyber security, be it managers of SMEs, IT managers of large companies, students or experts.