Since 2012, EDIFICOM has been renting and maintaining a highly secure private suite at one of only two Tier IV Data Centers in Switzerland.  Today EDIFICOM is offering a large variety of managed and colocation services, such as fully virtualised data centers (IaaS), backup and DR (BaaS) as well as dedicated private customer rack space with redundant networking as standard. With our offices right next door, we are able to be highly reactive to our clients’ needs and can provide rapid intervention and support if needed.

Rack Space

Rack space is available as full  (46U) or  half racks (22U), both with individual rack locks, and protected with 24/7 video surveillance inside the suite.  Power is provided by dual enterprise level PDU’s connected to separate power feeds, and capable of either 16A or 32A per PDU, providing a maximum of 3kW per rack.  If higher power levels are required, up to 50kW is possible in a dedicated “high capacity” suite.


EDIFICOM is a member of RIPE and has its own private IP space (AS199562), and is therefore 100% carrier neutral.  Using multiple providers and physically separated redundant fiber paths allows us to offer extremely high levels of network reliability.

Data Center Resilience

Diesel generators are in place in case of primary power failure, with fuel onsite for 72 hours of full operation.  An innovative and powerful kinetic fly-wheel solution covers the time required for the generators to start up, and avoids the requirement for huge numbers of batteries to be stored onsite, thus ensuring a reliable and more environmentally friendly solution than traditional data centers. In order to comply with the Tier IV standard,  2N redundant power and cooling are utilised to deliver a 99.999% uptime guarantee.


EDIFICOM is a co-founder of Vigiswiss Swiss Data Center Association, the first certified network of Swiss data storage and protection companies. Through the Vigiswiss ecosystem EDIFICOM has full access to digital economy professionals in the areas of data protection, cybersecurity or big data, as well as hosting access inside any of their members’ data centers.