New corporate identity

Edificom logo

Edificom has grown since its beginnings in 2004 and it was time for its image to reflect its core values of human proximity, transparency, flexibility in the approach, precision of the expertise and color of its dynamic.

We are proud of the result of this team effort that implicated the whole company with the support of the very creative team at agence NOW

A few words about this new identity: 

  • The logo : the name remains but the logo is modernized; soft edges to represent humans and their flexibility along with angled arrows for flows of information in our industry. 
  • The color : inspired by innovation, we traded our cherished green for a more vibrant fluorescent variation. We are innovative, dynamic and always “on”.
  • The pictogram : representing flow, transparency, collaboration, we can guess organic lines that remind us of DNA, some will see arrows, some will see hearts… it is up to you to interpret and make it your own.

A new foundation for further evolution, this identity allows us to assert our position in the market… and it’s only the beginning. 

And you? What are your thoughts about it?

Edificom logo pattern