Installation of Axis cameras and Eagle Eye Technology

Video Surveillance as a Solution (VSaaS) at a popular Swiss education residence.

Edificom is very excited about their most recent video surveillance project with a very reputable and important educational residence hall in Suisse romande.*

This certain residence hall provides accommodation for over 800 students throughout the year. As a security measure for students, staff and visitors, the hall management contacted Edificom for their expertise on video surveillance solutions.

Edificom collaborated with new partner Eagle Eye Networks for a user-friendly solution that will allow the hall’s administrators to view video from wherever they are, whenever they want.

How is this possible?

Edificom video surveillance expert Simon spent one day installing Axis cameras, specifically the M3005-V, M3006-V indoors and the M3025-VE outdoors. (FYI: V stands for anti-vandal and E stands for External)

Axis camera

Simon installing camera

The hall will have a total of 14 Axis cameras on premises.

Once installed, Simon could then adjust the cameras using Eagle Eye’s user-friendly application … from his phone! (Which is perfect for Simon because he hates being on ladders, so he was pleased to be done after mounting the cameras. 😉 )

Simon adjusting camera – 1

Simon adjusting camera – 2

Simon adjusting camera – 3

Once he got the cameras where he wanted them, it’s now super easy to access the surveillance via a computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Camera view – 1

Camera view – 2

In this animated gif, you can see how the “master motion sensitivity” works.

At the top of the screen there is a bar where you can adjust the sensitivity level on a scale of 0 to 100. The closer to zero you are, the less the camera is going announce that there is movement happening. Here, Simon adjusted the camera to level 75. You’ll notice he blocked out the fish pond and the Christmas lights – as both were in a constant state of movement, the camera would go haywire with constant updates that there was something moving. The red squares indicate motion.

Animated gif – click to enlarge

You can see on your screen an overview of where cameras are situated and click a camera to quickly pull up a surveillance… Look at how cool and easy-to-use this is:

Overview of camera locations – touch screen friendly

Another cool feature of the Eagle Eye Technology is seeing where there is movement on a time scale… in these pictures you will notice blue lines at the bottom of the screen indicating that the camera picked up movement at that specific time.

Movement @ time 1

Movement @ time 2

In conclusion, the project of installing the Axis cameras along with setting up the Eagle Eye Network surveillance system couldn’t have been any easier. The customer is happy which makes us happy. Simon + the Edificom team are excited to implement this solution for other institutions and businesses.

In numbers:
# of Cameras: 14 Axis cameras
# of Buildings monitored: 4 + common areas around
# of hours for complete installation and configuration: 8
# of employees needed to install: 1
# of times Simon fell off ladder: 0

* For confidentiality reasons, we have opted not to name the residence hall.
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