EDIFICOM enhances Data Center Switching Portfolio with Cumulus Networks

EDIFICOM signs partner agreement with Cumulus Networks

With an increasing focus on data center switching and advanced automation requirements, EDIFICOM is proud to announce that from today we are a registered partner of Cumulus Networks in Switzerland.

Cumulus Networks Overview

Most enterprise data centers today are built with highly engineered vendor locked-in networking stacks that are difficult to evolve. This traditional model not only limits innovation but also makes it hard to manage and scale-out the data center. Acquisition costs (CapEx) and ongoing operations (OpEx) of these vendor-locked solutions don’t reflect the technology and cost improvements of cloud computing in recent years.

Cumulus Networks is unleashing the power of Open Networking with the Cumulus Linux operating system, enabling disaggregation of top-of-rack (ToR) data center switching akin to the well-established model of server hardware/software disaggregation.

Open networking solutions based on Cumulus Linux and Bare Metal Switches allow organizations of all sizes to leverage efficient data center technology originally developed by the world’s largest cloud operators. This gives flexibility to physical networking for layer 2, layer 3 and overlay architectures, with the added benefits of improved economics and a robust ecosystem.

Because Cumulus Linux is a true Linux distribution, this approach to Open Networking allows the same Linux tools employed on the server infrastructure to be used for the network as well – for configuration, automation, monitoring, and rack management.

Cumulus Networks technology powers well over 1.5M switch ports worldwide, with customers ranging from small businesses and universities to enterprises and some of the world’s largest cloud providers.