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“With EDIFICOM, we have entered into a strategic partnership to enrich our portfolio with innovative services. Together, we can provide to our customers tailored solutions either as complete on-site infrastructures or with various services out of the cloud. Our customers will profit from an independent, local and agile company, where the mother company guarantees a strong financial backup and its national and international network of Business Units provides various expertise with full service coverage.”

Peter Alder, Head of Business Area ICT at VINCI Energies Schweiz AG

“HDS has chosen EDIFICOM as their main hosting partner for “Hitachi Swiss Data Services”. EDIFICOM is as a key partner to develop our cloud activities in Switzerland. HDS values the high level of security (Tier IV Datacenter) of its partner’s infrastructure but also its highly qualified staff to bring high-value cloud services on the Swiss market. On top of these cloud activities, HDS has also decided to extend its partnership with EDIFICOM around IT integration projects. HDS sees in EDIFICOM the perfect partner able to deliver high quality solutions to its local customers. Both companies are also developing a set of cloud based cross industry offers around Sync and share. Solutions that will help customers get rid of the management life cycle of their unstructured data.”

Michael Rieder, Services Director Hitachi Data Systems Switzerland

“EDIFICOM is a long term reseller of Extreme and one of our trusted and main ”go to market” partners for Switzerland. EDIFICOM has extensive technical knowledge about Extremes solutions and holds certifications for our whole portfolio including our Switching and Routing, Wireless, Network Management Software as well as our Network Access Control (NAC) Software. With this technical knowledge they are also part of our PartnerWorks (Service delivery) program and able to provide and position their own support services to end users. In combination with their own cloud based offerings, they are able to provide high level cloud services to our end users.”

Andreas Livert, Regional Director DACH / Extreme Networks

“Mon expérience avec Edificom a été 100% positive. Notre projet comprenant l’installation d’environ 70 bornes Aerohive dans un contexte scolaire s’est déroulé de manière idéale. Totalement satisfait!”

Hubert de Mestral, Commune d’Aubonne

“EDIFICOM, c’est avant tout une approche humaine des vrais défis technologiques.”

Sarah Korpès, Chef de projets, DGEP

“Quel plaisir de mettre en place un réseau dans une école en collaboration avec Edificom. Des prémisses du projet jusqu’à l’utilisation active, Edificom continue d’être à notre écoute pour adapter ses produits à nos demandes avec une connaissance pointue des possibilités qui s’offrent à nous dans un secteur qui ne cesse d’évoluer.”

Raul Vega, Doyen, Etablissement scolaire du Mont-Sur-Lausanne

“Close partnership with EDIFICOM’s most knowledgeable engineers allowed Collège du Léman International School to dramatically improve Mean Time To Repair on several of its critical information systems.”

Jean-François Maeder, MIS Director, Collège du Léman Sàrl